In association MiD DAY, and cartoonist, N. Ponnappa... YOU & EYE
a cartoon strip with 9 frames… Frame 1: (The character resting his arms on the ledge facing you – the reader) Hi! Frame 2: (The character lying on a bed) I sleep and wake up like everyone else…! Frame 3: (The character brushing his teeth) Brush my teeth like everyone does! Frame 4: (The character eating with cutlery while a cup with a hot beverage is to his left) Eat breakfast like all the rest! Frame 5: (The character backing the reader using a cane to navigate) Go to work and back… well, almost like the rest! Frame 6:
(The character facing the reader carrying a dog) I cuddle up pets like others do! Frame 7: (The character backing the reader with his arms up in the air and his right leg about to stomp the ground) Feel happy… sad… angry… mad… like everyone else! Frame 8: (The character folding his arms and facing the reader) I’m a human being like each one of you, but yeah… I’m blind! Frame 9: (The character resting his arms on the ledge looking at the reader) Now why should my blindness be a disability for you when it is not for me!

Antarchakshu® 2.0 Season 4

XRCVC's flagship awareness and sensitisation initiative, Antarchakshu® 2.0 Season 4, has been launched in September 2021 and will run through as a series of online sit-down workshops. Participants will include corporates, students, public sector officials and many others, We wish to thank Dhun Pestonji Parakh Discretionary Trust, Godrej Industries Ltd, Union Bank of India, Viviana Mall, SBI Mutual Fund, Lila K Jagtiani Foundation, and TATA for generously supporting Antarchakshu® 2.0 Season 4.

The ABC of Inclusion In Education

Inclusive Education Resource

The XRCVC has been actively working on research and implementation of Inclusive Education Models specifically for the Indian Context. It has built models that can be easily replicated and scaled and resources that could benefit other organisations, practitioners and persons with disabilities themselves. Below is the effort of the XRCVC to share its knowledge base with the hope that the same will help drive inclusion in various set ups. For any query or assistance feel free to contact us. Inclusive Education Resource

Research Report Released (On Accessible Geometry Construction Kits)

Degrees of Accessibility

Degrees of Accessibility-Annexure

Direct Support & Training

If you are a person with vision impairment or a parent, caregiver or educator feel free to access any of our range of services: Access Technology Support, Training Services : Computers, O&M, English, Life skills, Volunteer Support...


Achieving Access - Advocacy Initiatives

Ensuring environmental access is key in ensuring that vision impairment or loss does not result in a disability. XRCVC's advocacy initiative works in four main areas of print access, financial access, educational access and independent living.


Breaking Barriers - Awareness Initiatives

The biggest barrier in inclusion is the barrier of the human mind. The awareness initiative through mega events, workshops and talks aims at breaking myths resulting from both lack of information and a closed mindset to help individuals...