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Dr. Sam giving a speech


Ensuring environmental access is a key factor in determining that vision loss does not result in a disability. The XRCVC’s advocacy initiatives work in four main areas of print access, financial access, education access and independent living to create accessible environments.

Print Access:

Print AccessThe access to printed works for the visually challenged depends on its availability in accessible formats and the permissibility of the legal systems to convert material to accessible formats. The XRCVC aims to work towards overcoming these challenges.

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Financial Access:

Financial AccessThe ability to independently manage, operate and execute one’s financial transactions is key to independent living. Lack of effective guidelines and lack of optimum use of technology in financial instruments had traditionally denied financial access to the blind and low vision. The XRCVC strives to change this reality.

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Education Access:

Education Access Whilst Right to Education became a fundamental right in India, for persons with disabilities, this right is far from being actualised. The XRCVC works towards inclusive education practices and services at school, college and higher education levels.

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Independent Living:

Independent LivingEach of us, as we pass through our day, interact with a range of products, environments and services from transport services, to kitchen appliances, and entertainment products. How accessible are these daily living services and products for the visually challenged? The XRCVC's Independent Living initiative questions and works towards rectifying these areas.

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