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People participate in a workshop to create awareness


The biggest barrier in inclusion is the barrier of the human mind. The awareness initiative, through mega events, workshops and talks, aims at breaking myths resulting from both lack of information and a closed mindset to help individuals, groups and organizations rethink their ideas of disability and inclusion.

Antarchakshu® The Eye Within™

The one–of–a–kind disability and simulation experience, Antarchakshu, conceptualised and developed by the XRCVC, is a leading event to spread awareness about the lives of persons with blindness and low-vision.

A Report on Antarchakshu® 2017 - To Inclusion and Beyond!

Special Programs

Target-specific, need-based and skill-oriented disability sensitisation workshops and programmes are a key aspect of the XRCVC’s awareness initiatives. These are conducted for varied groups from teachers, corporate houses, government officials, bankers, architects and any other group that would like to get a general or a profession-specific insight into the lives of blind and low-vision persons.

Films produced by XRCVC

Breaking Barriers Achieving Access

Accessibility 2.0

The Blind Act

I Experience I Learn (Antyodaya)

Antarchakshu® 2017 - Autism