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Image of the new centre being inaugurated on November 23, 2006

The XRCVC Journey

Started as a department of an educational institute to meet the holistic requirement of blind and low-vision students studying at the college, the XRCVC soon recognised the need to work with the larger environment if inclusion was truly to be achieved for its students.

Through its inception and years of growth, the XRCVC has created a strong Triad Work Model focussing on a range of Direct Support & Training Services, Advocacy and Awareness programmes.

The XRCVC’s work is based on the values of - innovation, dynamism, persistence, need-based planning and responsiveness.

Our Vision is to work towards creating an enabling environment to facilitate the development of an inclusive society, both at the micro as well as the macro levels, thereby providing equal opportunities for holistic growth for the visually challenged.

To know more about our work, feel free to browse through our Annual Reports.