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Accessible Content Creation: E-Library

Access to information for education, leisure or work is one of the biggest requirements for persons with print disabilities. Whilst efforts are on, we are yet not at the stage where accessible books are available in mainstream stores along with standard print  books. The XRCVC strives to bridge this divide.

The XRCVC offers services to create content in accessible formats - Braille, Audio, E-Text, DAISY. If you need a book to be converted in any of these formats, please feel free to contact us.

In addition to this, the XRCVC through its years of work has an existing database of a rich resource bank. Chances are that we may already have the book you need in our E-Library and database. Feel free to check our catalogue of DAISY books and contact us to access the other databases.

The XRCVC DAISY Catalogue can be accessed here