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Training Services

With the right skills and know-how, independent living and working is an increasing reality for persons with vision impairment. At the XRCVC, you can equip yourself in the use of Computers and other assistive devices, Braille, Orientation & Mobility, English language or also join our Life Skills programme.

Computer and Assistive Technology Training:

If you want to learn computers or the use of a specific assistive device, the XRCVC offers a range of computer and assistive technology training programs for varied levels. These programs are offered to persons with visual impairment, special educators, teacher trainers and caregivers. These are provided to groups and individuals and are developed to meet individual user needs. You may contact us to know more and join our session.

Braille Training:

Braille training is offered for both children and adult learners, for both grades 1 and 2.

Orientation & Mobility Training:

Self-reliant travelling is the crux to independent living. O & M training can help you achieve freedom of travel.

English Language Training:

With a majority of special schools in India having the respective regional language as the medium of instruction, English language communication is often a hindrance for higher education. The XRCVC offers English language training at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels to ensure that language does not become a barrier for growth.

Life Skills Training:

The right attitude is the biggest difference between making one's physical impairment a disability or not. The Life Skills program at the XRCVC aims to help participants undertake a journey of self-exploration and set up a process of growth and learning for the future.

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The training calendar is subject to change, and is open to accommodating last minute requirements on a need-basis. To enroll for any of our training courses, or to inquire more, feel free to contact us